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18 foot Cuddy Cabin

Cuddy Cabin Sport 18 If you are looking for a quick adventures with some friend, whether on a lake or bay waters, Cuddy Cabin Sport 18 is the right boat for you. This boat is perfect on a nice sunny day to enjoy some fast pace water sports like skiing, wake boarding and just feeling the wind through your hair as it rips through the water. This boat seats six, so it is perfect for a group of friends, a boys night out or an early morning fishing trip. The Cuddy Cabin Sport 18, has all that you need in a boat, the speed, the space and an elegant looking style to impress your friends. Not only is it fast and maneuverable it uses less horsepower and gets better fuel economy that any other model. That is right, you can achieve speeds of over 40 mph with only a 90 horse power engine; and that is with all your fiends on board.

Product Specs

  • Model Number: HD-550A
  • Length: 5.52 meters
  • Beam: 2.20 meters
  • Depth: 1.15 meters
  • Dry Weight: 500kg (5 passengers)
  • Standard Power: 85 hp (Yamaha)
  • Hull Material: Fiberglass
  • Type: Motor boat
  • Engine Type: Outboard
  • Certification: CE
  • Color: Red


Soft Chair 2pcs Springfield USABrand
Cushion & back rest 1set White  
Carpet 1set Blue or White  
Handrail 1set Stainless steel  
Navigation lights 1couple Green/Red  
Bilge pump 1pc Electrical control  
Instrument panel 1pc Wooden color Without instruments
Mechanical Steering System 1pc    
Switch Board 1 pc 6 buttons  
Windshield 1 set Aluminum  
Cabin mattress 1 set White  
Water skiing pipe 1 pc Stainless Steel  
Fore Cabin Light 1 pc    
Side Liner 2 pcs    
Side Liner 2 pcs    
Anchor box 1 pc    
Fishing box 1 pc