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SPIRIT-35, Price: $349,000.00

Spirit 35When last have you have made t to the top and your friends and family have come together without the distractions of the world pulling you in all different directions, it has been that long since there was the time to relax. Well the Spirit 35 can bring the feeling of satisfaction, luxury and the thrill of performance in one roomy craft with the best of options as standard features. Features like the built in swim platform extending over the engine and past the transom; secure full tempered glass sliding cabin doors; inside a luxurious bathroom with full shower, porthole and vanity; the driver molded bucket seat custom fit feels like driving a sports car; the inside cabin has full cushions and backrest for entertaining or with center insert for full wide berth; Clear your schedule, turn off the phones and the tablet, and board the Spirit 35, take yourself away from all the distractions of the world and sail away for a day with your closet friends. You will emerge with a refreshed new spirit.

Principle Data

L.O.A B.O.A Crews Engines Max. Speed
10.7m 3.2m 12 people 2*200 28knots


Equipment Model Quantity Remark    
POWER Engine VOLVO PENTA D3 200HP 2 Diesel engine
Mercury/USA 260HP 1 Gasoline engine    
Steering Sys. VOLVO/Sweden   1 With engine  
Generator Kohler/USA 4.5EFOD 4KW 1    
Windlass KUIK/Italy 900-100W 1    
Wiper   12V 1    
Display Digital Sounder and tachometer NAVMA/New Zealand 4.3' Black White    
Compass Italy   1    
Meters Oil level   1    
  Water Level   1    
  Volvo/Water Tem.   2    
  Volvo/RPM   2    
  Volvo/Oil Tem.   2    
  Volvo/Alarm   1    
  Volvo/Vote   2    
  Battery 195AH   3  
  Charger     1  
Equipments Navigation Nav. Lights   1  
Stern Light   1      
Horn     1    
Fire Equipment Fire Extinguisher 2KG 2    
Bildge pump 12V DC 1      
Entertainment DVD 12V DC 1    
LCD TV 220V AC 1      
Audio & Speakers 12V DC 4      
Marine Air Cond.   18000BTU 1    
Fridge Haier 130L 1    
Switch   Main Switch 20A 1  
  Switch Board 4 1    
Hull FRP Hull     1  
Door Aluminum Glass   1    
Top Hatch     1    
Side window     6    
Fuel tank   300L 1    
Fresh water tank   80L 1    
Slid door to cabin Acrylic   1    
Fender     1    
Handrail     1    
Luxury Chair     1    
Sofa Cushion     6    
Backrest     6    
Wall cushion     1    
Wooden door to toilet     1    
Table     1    
Windshield     1    
Canopy     1    
Accessories Cleats   316S.S 4  
Wheel Italy   1    
Hand wash basin     2    
Water-tap     2    
Link     1    
Kitchen     1    
Hinges     10    
Handrail     4    
Drain out     4    
Intake     5    
Drainage hole     5    
Auto-fresh water pump     1    
Bildge pump     2    
Filter     4    
Water pipe, oil pipe, power pipe     1    
Power cable   S.S 316      
Stern door     2    
Stern swimming ladder   S.S 316 1    
Teak Floor     1