HD-615 Roomy Cuddy Cabin Cruiser

HD-615 Roomy Cuddy Cabin Cruiser For Sale


  • Length: 6.15 m
  • Waterline: 5.87 m
  • Breadth: 2.38 m
  • Depth: 1.1 m
  • Max Load: 900 kg
  • Displacement: 1.7 t
  • Weight (without engine): 950 kg
  • Recommended Power: 150 hp
  • Speed: 32 knots
  • Passenger: 6

HD-615 cabin cruiser is a complete mini luxury boat with all the comforts of the larger boats; made by USA boat builders to the highest standard of quality and workmanship. It has a length of 6.15m and breadth of 2.38m, and 1.1m in depth which can accommodate 6 passengers. It comes with maximum load capacity of 900kg, displacement of 1.7t, 5.87m waterline and its weight excluding engine is 950kg. The recommended power of its engine is 150hp with a top speed of 32knots. There are pre-installed standard accessories comes with its basic model such as 4 sets of cleats, 1 set of acrylic windscreen, 2pcs of water faucets,1 set of anchor roller, soft cushion, ladder, automatic pump, handrail, hand pump, top window, cabin lights, cabin door, soft decoration, and FRP instrumental panel. It also consists of 2 sets of red/green navigation lights, and side windows. All these features come at affordable prices because you deal with direct manufacturers so no suppliers or middleman cost included in the selling price tag.

Standard Accessories:

Item Quantity Specs
Cleats 4 sets S/S
Windscreen 1 set Acrylic
U ring 1 pc S/S
Water spout 2 pcs Plastic
Navigation lights 2 sets Red/Green
Mechanical steering system 1 pc S/S wheel
Switch board 1 pc 6 buttons
Instrument panel 1 set FRP
Storage box 1 pc  
Anchor roller 1 set S/S
Soft cushion 1 set  
Ladder 1 set S/S
Automatic pump 1 set  
Handrail 1 set S/S
Hand pump 1 set  
Side window 2 sets  
Top window 1 set  
Cabin lights 1 set  
Cabin door 1 set FRP
Soft decoration 1 set  

Optional equipment

  • aluminum fuel tank
  • fresh water system
  • shower system
  • electric toiler
  • basin
  • marble table
  • canopy with S/S frame
  • CD and speakers (Pioneer brand)
  • compass
  • S/S fishing rod holder
  • battery
  • boat cover
  • S/S anchor
  • fender ball
  • live fish tank
  • charging system